The Municipality of Kanjiza is situated in northern part of Vojvodina, and it is surrounded with municipalities: Subotica, Senta, Novi Knezevac and state boundary with Hungary. The river Tisa and boundary crossing Horgos contribute that town Kanjiza, as the center of municipality, with 12 thousand citizens, is becoming the center of regional importance.
           The name of Kanjiza probably has the Slavic roots and could be derived from word "knez" (duke): Kenesna, Canisa, Kenese, Kanisa, Kanjiza. The area of Kanjiza was settled in the time of big migrations of nations. In its close vicinity, the tracks of material culture from time of Huns were found. As written in the medieval charts, Kanjiza is the Royal property, and since 1903 it is referred as the river boundary crossing.
          Municipality is rich with the soil, clay, oil, natural gas and termal waters, on which are based dominant industries: AIK "Kanjiza" (agricultural production), industry of tile "Potisje Kanjiza", factory of isolational material "FIM".
          Special convenient conditions are offered by mineral spa - specialized institution for medical rehabilitation and recreation.
          All these factories and spa are well-known around Yugoslavia.

Welcome to Kanjiza, place from fairy tales!!!

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